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Product & Tech TRACK
Culture of Innovation
Gamma Stage
  Day 1  
( 14:00 -
 14:30 )

This is a keynote session. Customers often ask how they can innovate like Amazon. From its humble beginnings as a startup in a garage, Amazon has not only innovated across e-commerce but also introduced new businesses that seem unrelated to e-commerce. Over the years Amazon has gotten very good at taking hard problems and finding an easier way. AWS is a great example of that. We have taken something so central and specialized as operating a data center and pushed to the edges as a utility. When technology becomes a utility, it becomes ubiquitous, and more people can participate in innovation. This talk will discuss how Amazon organizes for innovation with its mechanisms, architecture, culture, and organization.

Ryan Kiskis
Startup Strategy & Operations
Amazon Web Services, Inc.