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Into Asia Market TRACK
e-Conomy SEA 2019 by Google, Temasek, Bain & Company
Main Stage
  Day 1  
( 11:00 -
 11:20 )

This is a keynote session and will be co-presented by Google & Temasek. The Internet economy in SEA reached a new record level in 2019. This growth is being powered by fundamental changes in consumer behavior. The mobile Internet is now an intrinsic part of the lives of Southeast Asians. This can be seen most clearly in the widespread usage of ride-hailing and e-commerce apps. Business opportunities in the tech sector abound. As the access to the mobile Internet grows beyond the metro areas, we see huge opportunities in tapping on consumers in smaller cities. There is also promising potential to expand digital financial services to more people. Despite global headwinds, the funding into the region continued to grow at a healthy pace. Investors indeed have good reason to be excited about the region.

Randy Jusuf
Managing Director
Google Indonesia
Rohit Sipahimalani
Joint Head, Investment Group