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Aadi Vaidya
Chief Operating Officer
Aadi Vaidya

Aadi Vaidya is the COO and a founding member of Zilingo. 

Aadi began his career at Citi extensively working with corporate clients before starting Zilingo. He founded the Indonesia business with a barebones team and grew it from scratch to one of the largest fashion marketplaces in ASEAN today. He also set up the B2B platform and designed the entire logistics flow from 7 countries into ASEAN, primarily Indonesia, to support the procurement needs of sellers. Soon after, he took over the entire supply chain optimization at Zilingo and set up hubs in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Myanmar etc. Aadi took over as Zillingo’s Chief Operating Officer in 2017 and now drives the company’s P&L and operational efficiency across business units including B2B and B2C.

Aadi envisions the future of Zilingo as a revolutionary new retail platform that acts as a single stop solution for merchants and manufacturers – from sourcing and design to production, logistics, insurance and financing. He wants to make a mark in the world by building a company that strives to help merchants both by helping improve their margins by cutting supply chain inefficiencies and providing them new and global avenues of selling.

Aadi cares deeply about social causes such as gender equality in the workforce, as well as eldercare and is an avid history buff. In his free time, he also writes Urdu poetry.


Main Stage
What's Next in Asia e-Commerce?
Into Asia Market Track

This is a panel session and will discuss about:

  • How do they see the e-commerce industry currently? The potential and challenge?
  • What do they can expect for e-commerce in the future?