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Aditya Hadi Pratama
East Ventures
Aditya Hadi Pratama

Aditya Hadi Pratama is a seasoned tech writer who has a strong network in startup and media ecosystem, especially in Indonesia. After finishing his study in Information Technology major, his appetite to startup ecosystem is growing. It happened at the same time when the startup ecosystem was starting to take off, with the emergence of Tokopedia and Traveloka. He worked as a senior tech journalist for Tech in Asia Indonesia for three years, talked with hundreds of founders and composed thousands of articles about the local and international startup ecosystem, before joining East Ventures as an analyst. In East Ventures, he spent most of his time to do research not only for the popular sector but also the upcoming startup trends. He is an avid book reader who has skill in writing, editing, copywriting, and community development.


Gamma Stage
When to Get The Next Funding For Your Startup?
Financial & Fund Management Track

This is panel session and will discuss

  • What are the things needed for considering the certain funding round? Seed, Series A and above. And when is the perfect time to plan each round?
  • Who could be a fit funding source (VC, angels, or other) for specific funding round?
  • How a startup should prepare for each level of funding round?
  • What needs to be noted when preparing and executing the process?
Gamma Stage
Expansion Through The Acquisition of Another Existing Business
Growth & Expansion Track

This is a panel session and will discuss about the best practice on the acquisition process and what to be noted for founders who consider to do it.

Alpha Stage
Driving Growth Through Collaboration
Growth & Expansion Track

In this panel session, speakers will discuss about

  • What kind of collaboration they had done together so far
  • Why did they decide to do it together?
  • How it affects business growth?
  • Best practice: What needs to be noted when doing a collaboration together?