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Aldi Adrian Hartanto
Principal & GM of Investments
MDI Ventures
Aldi Adrian Hartanto

Aldi is leading the investment activities of Telkom Indonesia’s $140 Mio Corporate Venture initiatives, MDI Ventures. He is assigned to accelerate venture deals across the region while facilitates value-creation synergy between startups and Telkom Indonesia and other SoEs to blitzscale both side performance and maximize investment returns. Prior to MDI Ventures, he was in charge to set up, lead, execute, and manage investments of a Silicon Valley based Venture Capital firm in SEA region and Indonesia largest Corporate Lender.


Beta Stage
Deciding The End-Game for Your Business From a Financial Perspective
Financial & Fund Management Track

This is a panel session and will discuss

  • How to plan an end-game for the business? Please share the thinking process and who need to be involved?
  • What are the financial conditions that important to watch out for? And how much it affects the end-game strategy?
  • Discuss several options for end-game scenario (including Exits or the other strategic decisions)