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Arnie Chaudhuri
Enterprise Director, APAC
Arnie Chaudhuri

Arnie joined Rapyd in June 2019 to lead Rapyd’s Enterprise Sales and Business Development in Asia Pacific. In his role, he is responsible for partnerships with large B2C and B2B companies looking to scale overseas. His job involves advising partners on international payments, treasury and compliance solutions, optimizing their cross-border and foreign exchange flows, opening new markets, and supporting their growth and optimization strategies.

With over 20 years of experience under his belt, Arnie has held numerous senior leadership and executive positions across the corporate, investment and startup worlds. Prior to Rapyd, Arnie was a Managing Partner with Abzlute, where he was responsible for investment strategy, growth and business development. He also co-founded Chaatz, a social messaging, media and payment application that elevated the messaging experience. Before setting up Chaatz, Arnie held a number of executive roles at mBounce and Nokia, growing their business across Americas, Europe, Middle East, India and Southeast Asia.

Arnie is also an investor to several DeepTech AI, FinTech, Gaming, Ecommerce and CleanTech companies.

Arnie is passionate and knowledgeable on a wide range of topics, including advising companies on how they can scale, go-to-market strategies, planning and strategizing for consumer/enterprise growth.


Beta Stage
Deciding The End-Game for Your Business From a Financial Perspective
Financial & Fund Management Track

This is a panel session and will discuss

  • How to plan an end-game for the business? Please share the thinking process and who need to be involved?
  • What are the financial conditions that important to watch out for? And how much it affects the end-game strategy?
  • Discuss several options for end-game scenario (including Exits or the other strategic decisions)