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Craig Dixon
Co-Founder, Entrepreneur in Residence and Program Director
Accelerating Asia
Craig Dixon

Craig Dixon is the Co-Founder, Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) and Program Director for Accelerating Asia, which provides innovation consulting for organizations looking to engage with startups, runs Singapore’s only independent startup accelerator program and manages the associated venture capital firm Accelerating Asia Ventures.

Previously, Craig was the EiR and Program Manager for the muru-D Singapore startup accelerator. Craig arrived in Singapore in 2013 after his startup, Zumata received funding from Wavemakers Partners, the National Research Foundation and 500 Durians.

He is also an Angel investor, speaker and blogger on startup topics. Craig has been involved in over 50 investment rounds in startups as either a founder, institutional investor or Angel investor. He has a passion for building a more efficient startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia, focusing on standardization of investment terms and fairness between startup founders and investors.

Prior to beginning a career in startups, Craig lost his way for a time and spent 8 years as a banker and getting his MBA from the University of Maryland and HKUST.


Roundtable Area
Funding for Startups
Roundtable Track

This is a Q&A session where participants can ask their challenges for Funding issues to participating experts. The session is limited for 20 seats but you can still join standing since the setup will be in open space around the conference! Make sure you have your question ready because this session open only for 45 minutes.