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Dave Ng
Head of Southeast Asia
Eight Roads Ventures
Dave Ng

Dave Ng is the Head of Southeast Asia for Eight Roads Ventures, a global venture fund backed by Fidelity. He comes with decades of experience in investing and business building. Previously, he was a Venture Partner at B Capital Group, starting in San Francisco and subsequently launched its Asia presence. Some of his past investments include Ninja Van, CXA Group, Icertis, Mswipe, Capital Match and Carro, where he also served on their Boards.

Besides investing, Dave has spent many years building and operating companies in the technology industry across Silicon Valley and Asia. He was a Director at Oracle, where he led the strategy for Cloud and Converged Infrastructure business. Before that, he was an early employee at Zuora, the leading enterprise SaaS for Subscription Business management that went public on NYSE. Earlier on, Dave was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group. He began his career in engineering and product development at Oracle, delivering multiple major product releases.
Dave graduated from Carnegie Mellon and Harvard. As a native Southeast Asian, he enjoys sharing his experiences with entrepreneurs from various ecosystems.


Gamma Stage
When to Get The Next Funding For Your Startup?
Financial & Fund Management Track

This is panel session and will discuss

  • What are the things needed for considering the certain funding round? Seed, Series A and above. And when is the perfect time to plan each round?
  • Who could be a fit funding source (VC, angels, or other) for specific funding round?
  • How a startup should prepare for each level of funding round?
  • What needs to be noted when preparing and executing the process?