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Deri Slyrova
Marketing Lead, Zomato Gold Indonesia
Zomato Indonesia
Deri Slyrova

Previously, Deri is working as Marketing Manager of Zomato Indonesia. Since one of Zomato vertical business, Zomato Gold expanding in several countries incl. Indonesia, Deri getting transferred to Gold team to lead the Marketing for Gold in Indonesia. Deri has several backgrounds in the tech industry, fashion retail, pharmaceutical related to marketing fields. Deri has interest in the tech business, food, networking, social media, and photography makes him loves his time on Zomato.


Beta Stage
Marketing Dilemma : User Acquisition vs Power User
Marketing & Branding Track

This is a panel session and will discuss

  • The priority between user acquisition and optimizing power user
  • Why do you choose to take the user acquisition strategy for their marketing plan?
  • Why do they choose to optimize your power user for their marketing plan?
  • How does their strategy impacting the marketing budget?
  • What’s the impact of that strategy for their business growth?