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Doan Lingga
Head of Data Analytics Group
Doan Lingga

Doan is currently leading the Data Analytics Group for Traveloka, the leading Southeast Asia online travel company that provides a wide range of travel needs in one platform.

His passion is to drive business results and solve customers problem through the power of data science as it showed with his track record in 10+ years in the technology space ranges from Revenue assurance, pricing, customer analytics, revenue management, and growth – through the power of impactful insights and data products. Together with his team, he also pioneered the first analytics institution within Indonesia telco industry.


Alpha Stage
Understanding The SEA Market Through Consumer Behavior
Into Asia Market Track

In this panel session, the speakers will discuss about

  • How do they see the SEA market challenge & opportunity in term of their business industry?
  • How do they get the consumer behavior data/information? What kind of methodology and channel?
  • How do they use the data/information on customer behavior for business?
  • What is their advice for the audience who want to enter the SEA market?