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Erick Wicaksono
Vice President of Marketing
Erick Wicaksono

Born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Erick moved to the Netherlands after high school graduation to pursue higher education abroad. He ended up staying for almost 14 years in Europe, split between the Netherlands and Germany. Erick spent most of his professional career working for the German sporting goods giant, adidas AG. Erick started with digital marketing, before moved and spent most of his time in the company working in the Football Brand Marketing department. He recently joined Bukalapak, one of the Indonesian unicorns, to lead the marketing department.


Gamma Stage
How Digital & Word of Mouth Work Together?
Marketing & Branding Track

This is a panel session and will discuss

  • Is it important to do Word of Mouth (WoM) nowadays?
  • Since WoM is difficult to measure for some people, how do they see the ROI of WoM?
  • How do they measure & evaluate the WoM strategy?
  • Best practice on developing the right WoM & digital marketing strategy?