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Felicia Kawilarang
VP Marketing Communications
Felicia Kawilarang

Felicia Kawilarang is the VP marketing communications at Halodoc, Indonesia’s first comprehensive healthcare application with services such as teleconsultation, pharmacy delivery, appointments and lab home services.

Felicia is an early recruit at Halodoc and has led it’s marketing team for the last 3 years building it from a team of 8 to a powerhouse team of 60. Halodoc now has a complete in-house team that includes but is not limited to Halodoc’s own creative team, content team, digital performance, and ATL buying team. She has been a key figure in bringing Halodoc to where it is today, the number one top of mind digital healthcare service in Indonesia.
Felicia jumped into the healthcare industry because she wanted to close the gap in Healthcare quality and availability across Indonesia. This desire to simplify healthcare through technology is what inspires her to continue to push boundaries everyday.


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