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Ferdi Anggriawan
Head of Digital Marketing
Ferdi Anggriawan

After four years stint in pay-per-click field, Sumatera-born Ferdi has decided to step up his game in growth hacking, SEO, and automation marketing. In early 2018, he moved from Grab to Moka in a lifelong mission to empower SMEs.

In just half a year, he grew Moka’s online acquisition’s volume by four times with his inbound marketing focused strategy. With the help of his trustworthy five-people allies, he has grown Moka to be one of the most advanced B2B companies in Indonesia in terms of digital marketing & growth.


Roundtable Area
Performance & Content Marketing
Roundtable Track

This is a Q&A session where participants can ask their challenges for Performance & Media issues to participating experts. The session is limited for 20 seats but you can still join standing since the setup will be in open space around the conference! Make sure you have your question ready because this session open only for 45 minutes.