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Guillem Segarra Lopez
Guillem Segarra Lopez

Guillem Segarra is CEO of HappyFresh Group, Southeast Asia’s leading food ­focused last-mile logistics and on-demand delivery company.
Prior to joining HappyFresh in March 2015, he was Marketplace Operations Manager and Head of 3PL Management at Lazada Group, which is pioneering e-Commerce across Southeast Asia. Before that, he was a Technical Consultant for Vodafone Global Enterprise (part of the Vodafone Group), dedicated to simplifying the management of global communications for the world’s largest multi-national companies. Guillem holds a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Telecommunications Engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He loves to travel and is curious about all the cultures in Asia and this is why he has enjoyed living in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

On working at HappyFresh: “I’m passionate about solving problems and providing solutions that make our life easier. At HappyFresh, we strive to provide to our customers a flawless, grocery shopping experience. The most rewarding part about my job is to see a big smile on our customers’ face when they talk about us -this is when you realize that all the hard work we are putting in is totally worthwhile”


Gamma Stage
When to Get The Next Funding For Your Startup?
Financial & Fund Management Track

This is panel session and will discuss

  • What are the things needed for considering the certain funding round? Seed, Series A and above. And when is the perfect time to plan each round?
  • Who could be a fit funding source (VC, angels, or other) for specific funding round?
  • How a startup should prepare for each level of funding round?
  • What needs to be noted when preparing and executing the process?