Hussain M. Elius
Hussain M. Elius

Hussain M Elius is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pathao. Pathao is a platform for entrepreneurs, based out of Dhaka, with a vision of Moving Bangladesh forward.

Where Pathao started as an e-commerce logistics company, within 24 months it ventured and became the market leader in e-commerce delivery, 2-wheeler, and 4-wheeler ride-sharing and food delivery. Currently, it has 11 services that are being provided to the customers to make their life easy and safe. With a team of over 500 people, Pathao is the largest tech company in Bangladesh, serving millions of transactions every month.

Hussain was born and raised in Dhaka, and completed his postgraduate degree from North South University, Bangladesh. Currently, he also serves in the Industry Advisory board of his alma mater.

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