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Indina Asri Andamari
Head of Marketing
Indina Asri Andamari

Indina Andamari is the Head of Marketing at FinAccel (Kredivo), a VC-backed financial technology company that leverages deep data analytics to automate credit risk scoring and access to credit for consumers in Southeast Asia. FinAccel’s flagship product Kredivo enables users to purchase products on credit or take personal loan, based on real-time credit decisioning that evaluates nearly 5000 features in real-time. Kredivo is currently available on 250+ ecommerce merchants in Indonesia.

Having graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung and Imperial College London, Indina is now leading and managing the company’s brand strategy and initiatives, performance-based marketing, and alliances — in order to better connect Kredivo’s (and FinAccel’s other products) unique value proposition with more consumers. As the company ramps aggressive growth and expands into new markets, she focuses on addressing key commercial marketing goals (acquisition, awareness, retention) through innovative, creative and first-in-category marketing programs.


Gamma Stage
Managing Massive Delay Effect in Offline Marketing
Marketing & Branding Track

This is a panel session and will discuss

  • Why do they still use offline marketing as one of the marketing strategies, even though it is hard to measure?
  • What kind of offline marketing do they use and what is their consideration?
  • How do they track the conversion from offline marketing, considering its massive delay effect?
  • How do they measure the marketing ROI on the marketing budget that they have spent for offline marketing?
  • How do they evaluate/compare the offline marketing to their digital marketing strategy/plan?