James Mayes
CEO & Co-founder
Mind the Product
James Mayes

James has been with Mind the Product since the first conference in London in 2012. Initially focussing on commercial relationships, he’s taken on an ever-increasing number of challenges as the company has grown, leading to his appointment as CEO in 2017. He still owns many of the partnership discussions and spends much of his time traveling to maintain and develop these relationships.

Before joining Mind the Product, James had two other careers. He started as a tech recruiter in 1996 (first project: building Europe’s first Java development team for IBM’s research lab) and continued in this industry for 12 years, focusing on building niche technology teams for startups and enterprise alike. He embarked on a startup journey of his own in 2009 in a commercial/product role, selling TweetJobs in 2011 to continue his learning for a year with another of London’s hottest firms in the social talent/community space.

James travels widely to evangelize for good Product Management, build the Mind the Product community and speak at a variety of conferences. His favorite topic is building distributed teams.

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