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James Nixon
Founder & Managing Director
JKR Ventures
James Nixon

After attending the University of London, James started his career in New York, including stints at Sterling Brands and Landor Associates. In 2009, he moved to Jones Knowles Ritchie where he now heads up the European arm of the business as Managing Director of London.

Over the course of his career at JKR, James has worked with some of the world’s biggest global brands and brands of tomorrow. His work on the latter fuelled him to set up JKR Ventures in 2018 which works with the entrepreneurs who are looking to achieve scale and disrupt the market. Out of this came a partnership with Green Park Brands who create, accelerate and operate distributor brands. In his role as Chief Brand Officer, he oversees brands including Hippeas snacks, Ugly Water, Reel and Buddy Nutrition.


Roundtable Area
Branding Roundtable
Roundtable Track

This is a Q&A session where participants can ask their challenges for Branding issues to participating experts. The session is limited for 20 seats but you can still join standing since the setup will be in open space around the conference! Make sure you have your question ready because this session open only for 45 minutes.

Alpha Stage
Why Unicorns Need Rainbows: Harnessing The Magic of Creativity in Tech
Creativity in Tech Track

This is a keynote session.

What do billion-dollar start-ups have in common? Brilliant brands. We’ve seen the power of creativity to drive growth across multiple sectors, so why are tech brands failing to unleash its magic?

What this talk will cover:
a) What is creativity anyway? Why the creative process is more like tech than you think.
b) Why is creativity so important to brands? And why are tech brands missing a trick?
c) Will the back-end always be responsible for driving the front-end? How do you disrupt the process?
d) How can you unleash the power of creativity to drive success? Learn from best in class examples across various sectors and brands.