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John Fitzpatrick
Head of Startup Programs, Asia
Google Cloud
John Fitzpatrick

John leads Google Cloud’s Startup Ecosystem initiatives across Asia. Over the last 15 years John has held leadership roles in two venture backed startups in the new media space, as well as strategy consulting and BD roles at Oracle, Booz Allen, and Amazon Web Services, forging global strategic relationships. John holds a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor’s degree from UCLA. He has spent the last eight years in Asia, during which he has held roles with startups and incubators, as well as the last six years helping successful startups launch and scale on cloud technology.


Main Stage
How to Avoid Blowing Up Your Startup Rocketship - Business and Technical Priorities
Product & Tech Track

This is a keynote session.

When your startup has left the launchpad, and your business is accelerating rapidly. With success comes rapidly evolving business needs and requirements. There is a list of mission critical priorities as your red hot startup accelerates, and a single misstep can spell doom. What it the mission critical list of business and technical priorities a fast growing startup cannot afford to ignore? Who are the key partners that need to be supporting you at mission control? The speaker will share the best practice of this in this session.