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Jussi Salovaara
Co-founder & Managing Partner
Jussi Salovaara

Jussi is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner for Asia at Antler, focusing on running Antler’s overall strategy and operations in the region. He is very passionate about helping founders build their businesses from scratch and has a hands-on approach to coach them through the startup process. He has been an integral part of advising founders from both our Singapore cohorts. Antler has a total of 45 companies under our portfolio globally, 31 of which originated out of Singapore.

Jussi has over a decade of experience in areas of investment and strategy across different industries including engineering and IoT. Before Antler, he was the Vice President at Nokia’s headquarters in Helsinki, running Product, Strategy, Sales and Commercial functions. He has also had his experiences built across working with promising international companies such as McKinsey, Deloitte and Morgan Stanley.

Jussi was educated in Helsinki School of Economics and London School of Economics.


Alpha Stage
Regional Mindset vs Hyper-localized: Which One to Take?
Into Asia Market Track

This panel session will talk about how companies strategizing their business mindset engaging the region. Either with regional mindset or hyper localized. What is their consideration and how it affect the business.