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Justin Lie
CEO & Founder
Justin Lie

Born to be an entrepreneur, Justin started his first venture during the advent of e-commerce and online payments, setting up a cross border e-commerce business whilst still in his teens. When his websites were attacked by the first wave of online fraudsters, Justin devised his own rules-based system to determine whether to accept a transaction or not.

Over several years of research and development, Justin successfully integrated financial principles, artificial intelligence and machine learning, creating the world’s first fully- automated fraud management solution – CashShield. Profiling over 5 billion devices and transactions across the globe annually, CashShield provides real-time fraud protection to clients including OVO (Indonesia), Grab (Southeast Asia), Razer (USA), Scalefast (USA), Wish (USA), T-Mobile (Europe), Vodafone (Europe) and more.


Beta Stage
Rethinking Cybersecurity for Your Company
Product & Tech Track

This is a panel session and will discuss about

  • How important security for a business?
  • What is the consideration for preparing for cybersecurity in the company?
  • Best practice on implementing security for business.