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Kunal Narang
Regional General Manager - Indonesia & Thailand
Kunal Narang

Kunal Narang is the Regional General Manager of Chope – the largest restaurant bookings platform in South-East Asia. He is responsible for all functions of their Indonesia & Thailand business including growth targets for revenue & team building.
Prior to joining Chope in 2016, he co-founded – a restaurant bookings platform based in Jakarta & Bali which was acquired by Chope.


Beta Stage
Develop Talent vs. Hiring Skillful Talent.
People & Talent Track
  • When the company is getting bigger and need improvement in people & talent management (quality & quantity), which one do you prefer Develop Talent or Hiring a certain number of skillful talent?
  • What are the considerations in choosing one of the strategies?
  • What are the challenges and benefits of doing that strategy? And how it affects the company?
  • Best practices in developing talent and/or hiring skillful talent