Lai Chang Wen
Co-founder & CEO
Ninja Van
Lai Chang Wen

Specialising in e-commerce deliveries, Ninja Van believes in powering businesses with innovative logistics solutions. The company believes in offering a consistent hassle-free delivery experience for merchants across Southeast Asia and providing clients with a singular access point into the region.

With plans to continue expanding and serving in the current markets the company operates in, Chang Wen’s vision is for Ninja Van to open Southeast Asia to a world of possibilities, one delightful delivery at a time.

Chang Wen graduated with a Bachelor of Finance from Singapore Management University and worked as a derivatives trader at Barclays before setting up men’s custom fashion retailer Marcella. His experience with the online retail business made him realise there could be a more efficient way of delivering and tracking packages, resulting in the creation of Ninja Van.

A natural-born entrepreneur, Chang Wen conceived his first business venture when he was a student, having discovered that putting together second-hand bicycle parts and selling the finished product could land him a neat profit. He is passionate about harnessing technology to improve lives and enjoys adapting classical mathematical models to provide real-world solutions.

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