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Ludwina Triananda
People Acquisition Manager
DANA Indonesia
Ludwina Triananda

An extroverted introvert with high enthusiasm over Technology and Innovation. Learning how to translate human emotion into binary. Currently, Ludwina is building the cashless society in DANA Indonesia as the People Acquisition Manager. Prior to DANA Indonesia, Ludwina spent 7+ years in Malaysia, started her career as Software Developer before venturing to Human Resources industry.


Beta Stage
Develop Talent vs. Hiring Skillful Talent.
People & Talent Track
  • When the company is getting bigger and need improvement in people & talent management (quality & quantity), which one do you prefer Develop Talent or Hiring a certain number of skillful talent?
  • What are the considerations in choosing one of the strategies?
  • What are the challenges and benefits of doing that strategy? And how it affects the company?
  • Best practices in developing talent and/or hiring skillful talent