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Marc Dragon
Managing Director
Reefknot Investment
Marc Dragon

Marc is currently heading up Reefknot, where he aspires to help in the transformation of the Supply Chain and Logistics Technology sector especially in Asia Pacific, through supporting fledging high growth technology firms in this space to realise their full potential. Leveraging his 20+ years’ entrepreneurial, corporate leadership experience as well as networks, in the Supply Chain & Logistics Technology space, Marc is passionate about helping portfolio companies to make a positive impact, especially in Asia.

Marc has been involved in international business in Asia throughout his 20+yr career. He has started and established new business entities in Singapore, China, India, New Zealand, and has managed businesses across Asia Pacific. He is especially active in the Supply Chain and Technology start-up space in ASEAN and China, and has been an Advisor in several growth companies and Venture Funds.


Gamma Stage
Future in Logistic
Into Asia Market Track

In this panel, the panelists will share their point of view about what has happened in the Logistic industry nowadays and how do they see the future of Logistic in the region in terms of business opportunities & challenges