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Pieter Kemps
Sequoia Capital
Pieter Kemps

Pieter joined Sequoia in 2014 and advises on investments across Consumer Internet, Fintech and Software companies in Southeast Asia. He currently serves on the Board of Fave, Nugit, FundingSocieties, 90 Seconds, HealthEngine, and Insider and also works closely with Online Pajak, Cardup, Circles and Trusting Social. Pieter previously launched a startup, worked at an incubator, and held various leadership roles at leading tech companies across Europe and Asia. Prior to Sequoia, he worked at Amazon Web Services, where he was responsible for Amazon’s business with VC’s, Accelerators, and the broader startup ecosystem across Asia.Having lived and worked in Amsterdam, Madrid, and Tokyo,Pieter currently resides in Singapore with his wife and two daughters. He holds an MBA (High Honors) from University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he specialized in Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital


Gamma Stage
When to Get The Next Funding For Your Startup?
Financial & Fund Management Track

This is panel session and will discuss

  • What are the things needed for considering the certain funding round? Seed, Series A and above. And when is the perfect time to plan each round?
  • Who could be a fit funding source (VC, angels, or other) for specific funding round?
  • How a startup should prepare for each level of funding round?
  • What needs to be noted when preparing and executing the process?