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Prashant Saxena
Head of Insights & Innovation, S.E. Asia
Prashant Saxena

Prashant Saxena is a senior insights leader with more than a decade of experience with top Fortune 100 brands. At Isentia, he is responsible for leading insights in the S.E Asia region.

An alumni of ASEAN Leadership Programme, he has also been selected as one of the top 30 marketing researchers by European Association of Consumer Research. He frequently shares his thoughts as a speaker at PR, market research and marketing analytics conferences in Asia and has been quoted by leading mainstream media in Asia including The Straits Times, Singapore Business Review, and Campaign Asia-Pacific.

Prashant holds a double Masters degree from National University of Singapore, Indian Institute of Technology respectively and spent time at University of Cambridge Entrepreneurship Centre under their flagship IGNITE programme.


Alpha Stage
Using AI & Data Analytics to Understand Changing Consumer Behavior
Research & Analytics Track

This is a keynote session and will share about

  • Why & How AI can take role in understanding the consumer behavior?
  • How do you combine AI, data analytics and qualitative research to understand changing consumer behavior? (please explain each roles)
  • Sharing best practice from Isentia in using data analytics & qualitative research effectively to overcome consumer behavior changes