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Roshat Adnani
Media Director Indonesia
M&C Saatchi Performance
Roshat Adnani

With 8+ years experience in the digital advertising industry, Roshat is a passionate marketing professional and a true believer of result-driven marketing solutions. Leveraging the power of data science, Roshat supports the growth of brands designing and executing innovative customer-centric strategies driving tangible long-term results. At M&C Saatchi Performance, Roshat oversees the media planning and implementation for the whole Indonesian market.


Roundtable Area
Performance & Content Marketing
Roundtable Track

This is a Q&A session where participants can ask their challenges for Performance & Media issues to participating experts. The session is limited for 20 seats but you can still join standing since the setup will be in open space around the conference! Make sure you have your question ready because this session open only for 45 minutes.