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Sarah Humaira
VP & Head of B2C Marketing
Sarah Humaira

Sarah is the Vice President and Head of B2C Marketing at Zilingo. 

Sarah joined Zilingo in 2016 as an early recruit in Indonesia, and has since played a crucial role in setting up and scaling the company to become a dominant force in the region. Leveraging her brilliance and creativity, and fueled by her love for the company, Sarah has been unyielding in her quest to push boundaries – and is part of the reason why Zilingo is positioned as Indonesia’s top fashion and lifestyle platform.

The collective spirit and dedication that the Zilingo team exudes energizes Sarah on a day-to-day basis as she goes about supervising the company’s 360-degree marketing strategy and the widespread implementation of Zilingo’s businesses across Indonesia. She is always on the look-out for inspiration to create original, out-of-the-box approaches to promote Zilingo as the go-to place promoting freedom of fashion and self-expression.

Sarah wants Zilingo to champion inclusivity and equality – a place where women will have the same opportunities as men. An advocate of honesty and open-mindedness, she wants her colleagues to always speak their mind. Above all, Sarah dreams big for Zilingo and strives to make those dreams a reality for the company.

In her spare time, Sarah binges Netflix or find opportunities to give back to causes she cares about, such as women empowerment and education.


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