Sarah Soewatdy
Co-Founder & COO
Sarah Soewatdy

Sarah serves as the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Rukita, which spearheads the company’s front-liners and oversees the business operations, customer experience, and community to ensure operational excellence.

She believes that operational excellence is essential in Rukita’s business as day-to-day operations contribute the most in shaping and delivering the company’s promise of quality and hassle-free living. She also embraces the idea of quality assurance as the new norm and Rukita is in the front row to set the bar high. Under her leadership, Rukita is able to put care in quality, resulting in great customer experience & trust.

Sarah graduated from the University of Southern California and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (BA) in International Relations Global Business. Prior to Rukita, she spent over 8 years in the hospitality industry.

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