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Terence Lee
Chief Editor
Tech in Asia
Terence Lee

Terence is the chief editor of Tech in Asia, Southeast Asia’s leading media, events, and jobs platform. It’s mission to build and serve Asia’s tech and startup community.

A journalist at heart, he goes where my curiosity leads. I enjoy telling deep stories that combine narrative, analysis, and punchy prose to sketch both micro moments and macro trends. He enjoys chasing down scoops – breaking stories that no one else has.

Wearing his management hat, he enjoys tinkering with content formats. He has grown Tech in Asia’s reach year-on-year by 3x in 2014, 43 percent in 2015, and 3x in 2016. He oversees editorial strategy and content quality, and transitioned Tech in Asia through many editorial pivots . Lately, I’ve been focusing on creating content that subscribers will pay for. 


Main Stage
Reddoorz's Journey: Disrupting Hospitality in The Highly-Fragmented Market
Growth & Expansion Track

This is a Fireside Chat session and will discuss about:

  • How & why did Amit build Reddoorz?
  • What are the challenges during Reddoorz’s Journey? And how does Amit see the Highly-Fragmented Market as a challenge & opportunity?
  • How’s the market for Reddoorz in Indonesia & the region according to Amit?
  • What next for Reddoorz?