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Wei Zhu
Founder & CEO
Wei Zhu

Wei Zhu is the founder and CEO of Axinan, an InsurTech company based out of Singapore. Prior to Axinan, Wei served as the Chief Technology Officer of Grab, the largest ride-hailing company in Southeast Asia. Wei was also one of the first 100 engineers of Facebook where he spent six years after an eight-year-stint with Microsoft in the U.S. Wei received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from University of Washington.


Main Stage
Achieving Fast Growth in The Competition
Growth & Expansion Track

This a panel session and will discuss about:

  • How do they see the competition in their market and how they picture their winning strategies?
  • Competing for the mindshare of consumers and businesses is tough and not getting any easier. How they tackle that?
  • Growth vs. revenue sometimes become a dilemma for many startups. What is their take on this?
  • Growth needs high work pace. The work pace for some people mainly come from the team. How do they build their team to achieve where you are right now?
  • What do they want to do next to win more in the competition?