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Yhanuar Ismail Purbokusumo
Head of Strategy
Yhanuar Ismail Purbokusumo

Yhanuar has more than 9 years experience as brand and communication strategist in several agencies such as Fortune Indonesia, Rise Indonesia, and Mirum. He is responsible for the brand communication of various brands from Nestle, Grab, Unilever, Bluebird, Garuda Food, Honda Motors, Daihatsu Motors, Pertamina, and many more. Holding a bachelor degree in Statistics and leading numerous research projects, Yhanuar is an expert with various methods of consumer research both quantitative and qualitative, and understands consumer behaviors across a range of industries from various categories, including RTD beverages, toiletries, snacks, fast food, automotive, tobacco, and retail. His master degree in business administration and handle various projects using design thinking process has sharpened his skills to develop brand and communication strategy that answer consumer’s needs and drive impactful business result for the clients. He believes that the true strategist should be channel agnostic and should always think of solutions beyond ads.


Gamma Stage
Managing Massive Delay Effect in Offline Marketing
Marketing & Branding Track

This is a panel session and will discuss

  • Why do they still use offline marketing as one of the marketing strategies, even though it is hard to measure?
  • What kind of offline marketing do they use and what is their consideration?
  • How do they track the conversion from offline marketing, considering its massive delay effect?
  • How do they measure the marketing ROI on the marketing budget that they have spent for offline marketing?
  • How do they evaluate/compare the offline marketing to their digital marketing strategy/plan?