Tech in Asia Conference

Tech in Asia Conference

Southeast Asia: Built to last

Navigating bear markets, inflation, and other global events

SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2022
SINGAPORE • Marina Bay Sands
SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2022
SINGAPORE • Marina Bay Sands


SEPTEMBER 15, 2022
Jakarta • Menara Mandiri
SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2022
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SINGAPORE • Marina Bay Sands

Over ten thousand tech talents across Asia registered for Tech in Asia Conference 2022.
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Over the last two years, the pandemic quickened the innovation and adoption of digital technologies across consumers and businesses in Southeast Asia. Now, as the world reopens, we confront a bear market, inflation and other challenges.

Tech in Asia Conference is a platform for tech founders, investors, executives and talent to gain insight, connections, opportunities and the tools needed to overcome the macro.

50+ industry leaders, experts and decision-makers will share exclusive insights across segments, geographies, and stakeholders.

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By invitation-only! Speakers and notable guests will be able to join a closed-door evening at LAVO on 22 September to connect in an intimate setting.

Meet your next investor! We coordinate a series of quick 10-minute conversations with the region’s best investors.

200 of Asia’s latest tech innovators will be given a booth, placed in the heart of our venue, to exhibit their products to thousands of Conference attendees.
6 ESG founders pitch live to a panel of top investors for exposure and over $225k worth of cash and in-kind prizes.

Building Customer Journeys that Scale

For senior marketing, product, and customer success leaders in tech enterprises


Code Without Barriers: Empowering Women in Tech and Female Founders

For female founders, developers and their counterparts


Join sessions targeted to key stages of the founder's journey!

For aspiring founders, and founders of early-stage startups

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“It’s the best tech conference I’ve ever attended in Asia.”
Ben Horowitz,
Co founder, Andreessen Horowitz
“Very informative and has helped me to brief my clients with information on what some of the mature startups are doing to survive.”
Alexander Grant,
Divisional head for the digital division, RLC Recruitment
“Coming onboard for… a panel discussion was a great experience. We’re pleased with the impact and connections we’ve made with the proptech community at the event.”
Jones Lang LaSalle

Our 11th annual flagship Tech in Asia Conference!

Over the past 10 years, we’ve united more than 100,000 people at our conferences in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangalore, Tokyo and even online.

We’re excited to host over 10,000 participants in our hybrid event this year to maximize our community members’ abilities to reconnect.


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Speed Dating and Startup Factory run all day, both days!

10:00 AM – 10:30 AM
Welcome Address

Dr Janil , and CGO of returning title sponsor SEEK Asia, will share why tech talent development in SEA matters, drawing on:

  • The importance of tech innovation and talent for Singapore’s economy
  • The significance of building out Singapore as a regional hub for tech innovation and talent
  • Insights that can be applied to company building, such as:
      – How to build something that thrives even through difficult times
      – How to set core values, motivate teams, and prioritize long-term goals over short-term wins

Dr. Janil Puthucheary

Senior Minister of State Ministry of Communications & Information

Hsing Ren Chiam

Chief Growth Officer, Marketplace - Jobseekers, SEEK Asia

10:30 AM – 11:00 AM
Inflection Point: What startups and investors should rethink in 2022 & beyond
Many experts believe that startups have had a 13-year bull run and that we’re now seeing some valuation corrections. In this fireside chat, Jenny Lee, managing partner of GGV Capital, will discuss how things have been for founders and tech investors recently, what defense strategy to take in building a lasting startup, and the offensive plays that GGV is working on.

Jenny Lee

Managing Partner, GGV Capital

Maria Li

COO, Tech in Asia

11:00 AM – 11:40 AM
The Next Wave: How fintechs are changing lives in the Philippines
The Philippines’ fintech industry holds a lot of promise, but it is still at its lift-off stage. In this panel session, Greg and Martha will talk about the country’s fintech landscape and the challenges it’s facing, as well as share their insights on how to foster more founders and startups in the Philippines.

Greg Krasnov

Founder and CEO, Tonik

Pebbles Sy

Chief Technology & Operations Officer, GCash

Anna Irmina "Minette" B. Navarrete

President, Kickstart Ventures

11:40 AM – 12:10 PM
SEEK Better: The secret to attracting tech talents and leading more fulfilling work lives
Employee expectations are changing drastically across the globe, and this is just as real in Southeast Asia as anywhere else. A recent PwC survey found that only 12% of workers in Singapore (compared to 25% globally) strongly agree that their jobs are fulfilling. How should employers attract talent and help them lead more fulfilling careers? In this session, Chook Yuh Yng, Seek Asia’s chief growth officer, will discuss how to help people lead productive working lives through getting better jobs and reshaping their careers.

Chook Yuh Yng

Chief Growth Officer, Career & Connect Platform,

12:10 PM – 12:40 PM

Navigating investment winter in Southeast Asia

As funding slows down due to macroeconomic factors, how can founders learn to adapt to the new environment? In this VC panel, Hian and Wilson will share some tips on surviving the investment winter and discuss how startups should approach fundraising with the current market conditions.

Hian Goh

Founding Partner, Openspace

Willson Cuaca

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, East Ventures

Hsu Ken Ooi

Managing Partner, Iterative

12:40 PM – 1:20 PM
1:20 PM – 1:50 PM
Breaking down DeFi’s billion dollar opportunity
In recent years, decentralized finance (DeFi) has radically changed the way we use financial instruments. Unlike the traditional financial system, which operates on a centralized platform, DeFi works according to a protocol that runs on a decentralized infrastructure powered by blockchain In this keynote session, Dr. Julian Hosp will discuss the vision and scope of DeFi, opportunities and challenges for building great DeFi companies in Asia, key players and gaps in the market, and where DeFi is heading next.

Dr. Julian Hosp

CEO & Co-Founder, Cake DeFi

1:50 PM – 2:20 PM
Circles: Global category creator, made in Southeast Asia
Since its launch in 2016, Circles.Life has been shaking up Singapore’s telco industry and taking on its major players such as Singtel, M1, and StarHub. In this fireside chat, Rameez shares his company’s journey and talks about how he is challenging market incumbents.

Rameez Ansar

Co-Founder & Director, Circles.Life

Willis Wee

CEO, Tech in Asia

2:20 PM – 2:50 PM
Driving growth with modern technology
In confronting macro challenges, growth evolution is closely interconnected with decisions on how companies approach modern technology. We want to break down the myths of what growth means. How do brands competing to be heard establish a continuous growth loop between acquisition, engagement and retention? There is also a need to differentiate between technology and data paralysis, and identify opportunities that yield the highest impact. Ultimately, it is about brands wanting to stay relevant, and establishing a growth culture to drive human connections – at scale.

Gregory Van

CEO, Endowus

Justin Lee Hanting

CPO, ShopBack

Julia Lee

Vice President and General Manager, APAC, Braze

2:50 PM – 3:30 PM
How to build web3 companies that last through crypto winter
As the ongoing crypto winter may have shaken confidence in the sector, what will it take for Web3 companies to weather the storm? In this panel session, find out the factors that led to the current bear market, how Web3 firms had to shift their priorities, and how founders can continue to leverage the Web3 opportunity.

Akshay BD

International Expansion, Solana Foundation

Alex Svanevik

Co-founder & CEO, Nansen

Leon Sing Foong

Head of APAC Market, Binance

Terence Lee

Editor in Chief, Tech in Asia

3:30 PM – 4:00 PM
The world of web3 gaming
Southeast Asia has become a hotbed of blockchain activity, with numerous startups rolling out offerings related to NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, and other Web3 services. In this panel session, learn about the biggest opportunities in the space, the strengths and weaknesses of the region’s Web3 industry, and how founders can make the most of the ongoing crypto winter.

Gabby Dizon

Co-founder, Yield Guild Games

Yat Siu

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands [Virtual]

Shn Juay

Chief Marketing Officer, iCandy Interactive

4:00 PM – 4:40 PM
Building global D2C powerhouses from Southeast Asia
With the rise of the direct-to-consumer industry in Southeast Asia, this panel features insights from the founders of three of the region’s biggest D2C firms. Hear them talk about the opportunities and challenges of the sector, how Southeast Asia’s D2C space compares to its counterparts globally, and which trends will define the industry moving forward.

Chrisanti Indiana

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Sociolla

Dione Song

CEO, Love, Bonito

Achmad Alkatiri


Vicknesh R Pillay

Founding Partner, TNB Aura

4:40 PM – 5:10 PM
Megafunds, exits, and hot spots: Breaking down the hype of Southeast Asia’s VC scene
In the last decade, a total of 62 mega-rounds, funding rounds of at least US$100 million, took place in Singapore and Indonesia. Why is megafund a trend now and what are the impacts on the community? In this panel session, Adrian and Paul will break down Southeast Asia’s VC scene, as well as share their perspectives on market opportunities & risks.

Adrian Li

Founder & Managing Partner, AC Ventures

Paul Santos

Managing Partner, Wavemaker Partners

Chris Tran

Managing Partner, Capital Connect Advisory

5:10 PM – 5:40 PM
Fireside chat with Shailendra Singh
As investors around the world are taking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts more seriously, most investors in Asia are doubling down on the fundamentals of building enduring companies, as it plays a key role in the development and maturing of the startup and VC ecosystem. In this fireside chat, Shailendra Singh, Managing Director of Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia, which has been investing in this region for over a decade, will share how the Southeast Asia startup industry is evolving, how to think about corporate governance challenges, and what it takes to think and build truly long-term.

Shailendra Singh

Managing Director, Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia

Terence Lee

Editor in Chief, Tech in Asia

6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Networking Night at Dallas Bar
Priority Pass ticket holders are invited to after-hours drinks to unwind, connect and enjoy drinks with an iconic view of Singapore!